StarCraft II World Championship: Round 4 - Finals

  • 28th Aug 2013 12:09am
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SC2 Season 2 world championship game 2013


StarCraft II World Championship Season 3: Round 4 - Finals


Round 4 started off with a great match between First and Jaedong as they fight in the semi-finals.


Round of 4

First v Jaedong

Whirlwind housed the first matchup in the semi-finals. The Protoss player went for an early proxy that was scouted before it started and Jaedong shut down the early cheese by First. Jaedong went out with heavy scouting catching all of first’s gateway attempts. Jaedong set up with a comfortable play, expanding with minimal effort. JD took out several troops with great Zerg Ling aggression and dropped an Ultra Cavern to put more pressure on First. JD forced First to surrender after he got too far behind to superior play from JD.

The second map was Neo Planet S. With Jaedong ahead in the series, he looked focused and pumped while First seemed a little timid going into the second map. First tried to stall JD’s second base and took an early advantage with amazing control but JD countered with another base and a quick third. Jaedong showed some amazing play again with superior upgrades with 40 roaches JD flanked Firsts only attack and destroyed his army to force another GG from First.

Jaedong had a murderous look in his eyes as we headed into game #3. JD looked to ace First in this series and move on to the Season two Finals. Star Station was the pick for Jaedong and First was looking for a comeback. Both players went into a standard opening with dual bases and a third coming quickly from both players (not scouted early by JD). First went for the blink upgrade for his Stalkers while JD saved up ton of gas. JD produced mass Lings and Roaches. JD transformed Muta’s and caught First off guard with well-timed bluffs and confused his opponent into some mal informed decisions. Jaedong swarmed Firsts bases with mass Muta’s added with a poor blink by First and Jaedong moved on acing First 3-0.

Bomber v TaeJa

Going into Star Station TaeJa and Bomber are both coming off amazing games in the Ro8 and both had mass fan support going into the first map. Each player went for a standard opening with impressive harass coming from Bomber’s Banshee. With a quick rush following a 16 kill Banshee took a quick easy map from TaeJa.

TaeJa looked defeated going into map two, frustrated that he gave away a quick match. Neo Planet S housed the next matchup between these two players. Bomber opened up with a quick gas and set up for quick upgrades. TaeJa got a widow mine to help with defending any Bomber attack with Banshees. Bomber pulled SUV’s and tried for an all-out attack, which was defended, perfectly maintaining air control and destroying Bombers advances. Bomber was forced into an economic struggle while TaeJa primed an attack of his own and caught Bomber out of position pulling back into the supply lead and forcing Bomber into a defensive position. TaeJa showed amazing micro play and with superior upgrades but TaeJa was unable to push through Bomber’s second all-out advance and Bomber took the second game.

Bel’Shir Vestige was the third map. Bomber this time went into this game up 2-0 and tried a little cheese in the early game dropping a Barracks into TaeJa’s territory, TaeJa shut down that advance with amazing timing and a bunker to defend. Bomber switched to a Mech build and took control of the map while TaeJa struggled to defense. TaeJa found breathing room with small counter-attacks and good Bio play. In a semi-sloppy game, TaeJa showed amazing unit control shutting down Bomber advances and came back from some non-TaeJa-esque play to take the third game and his first win in this series.

On Akilon Waste, Bomber showed early aggression through his build and TaeJa countered with a Star Port and a Banshee. Bomber’s Widow Mine advance was shut down by TaeJa and countered with a frontal assault. With Marines and a widow mine, TaeJa tied up the series, forcing Bomber into a quick GG.

The fifth and final map was Derelict Watcher, Bomber went for a command center first and took a huge economic lead and dodged a bullet. Bomber again demonstrated that his unpredictable play is hard to counter; TaeJa would have to show amazing, mistake-free play to win the series. TaeJa countered Bombers greedy play with a quick Marine rush and a proxy factory on the bottom of the map. TaeJa took out several marines and SUV’s with his Banshee but was dropped before it could do too much damage. Bomber fought off both of TaeJa’s banshee advances and countered with his own Banshee push, which was extremely effective. Bomber’s upgrades went through much quicker and Bomber proved to be the better player in this matchup. TaeJa was unable to catch up with Bomber’s unpredictable play and Bomber moved on to the championship match to face Jaedong.


SC2 Season 2 Championship game 2013 Jaedong on Left - Bomber on Right


Bomber v Jaedong

Jaedong comes off with an impressive 3-0 ace of First and Bomber’s long 5 game series win over Liquid TaeJa. Bomber comes in with zero SCII titles in the last two years and JaeDong with zero tournament wins in his career. Both players came in with amazing focus and Newkirk Precinct was the sight of match one.

Early on in the first game, JD went for a quick ling speed and mass Zerg Ling’s (16). Bomber scouted it just in time and closed off his base. He bunkered up and added Hellions to save from a quick defeat. Bomber dropped double Barracks as well as Engineering Bays. Bomber went towards Siege Tanks/Marine while JD moved towards Muta/Ling (Bane and Zerg). In a back-to-back battle in neutral territory JD was pushed back into his base as Bomber took a supply lead and JD was unable to catch up and Bomber took his second map and a 2-0 lead in the series.

Neo Planet S was the pick for the third map. Bomber went for a little cheese on this map, going triple bunker onto Jaedong’s natural. Bomber killed the second hatch as well as JD’s Queens and spine crawlers. Jaedong was unable to break out and again Bomber’s unpredictable play style and versatility came out on top, causing Bomber to take his third map in a victory that took under 5 minutes.

On match point, Bomber looked to ace Jaedong on Whirlwind. Bomber again went for early aggression with mass Shield Marines. Jaedong went to speed and attack upgrades. Jaedong took a large loss from Bomber’s attack and saved the series by pulling his drones to defend, only losing 9 workers and a queen. Jaedong went for a fourth base before the eight minute mark while Bomber went into another attack. Jaedong tried to rush Bomber with Bane Lings but failed with his defense. Bombers advance with Medevac drops proved to be too much for JD to handle falling behind in supply and all it took was another heavy attack with over a 60 supply advantage throughout his final attack and Bomber went on to take the series, acing Jaedong and clinching his first major tournament in two years.


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